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This year why not buy a loved one an charity christmas present for a difference - after all, how many pairs of socks does someone need?! You can adopt an animal, sponsor a child there are hundreds of charity gits and presents inside!

  • Charity Gifts are a great way to show someone you care, and also provide help to those in need of it the most.
  • From just $10 you can buy a unique charity gift for a loved one that is guaranteed to bring a smile, and also have a long lasting affect - they really are gifts that keep on giving.
  • Think of someone else this christmas & buy a chrity christmas gift that will help all around the world.

Latest News from the Charity Gifts Australia Blog

  • WWF Demands Complete Ban On Dredge Dumping In Great Barrier Reef Area

    WWF Australia has responded to a recent report in the Australian newspaper which said the Greg Hunt the country’s Environment Minister has signed a formal order which prevents the dumping of dredge spoil that would adversely affect the Great Barrier Reef. The agency has also repeated its demand for a complete ban in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

  • CARE Still Active Five Years After Haitian Earthquake

    Five years after a massive earthquake devastated Haiti, aid agency CARE is continuing to provide support for people who are still living in tents as they move into more permanent neighbourhoods. CARE is running a unique program that matches the families of the homeless with residents who have standing houses that are in need of repairs.

  • UNICEF Helping To Reopen Schools After Ebola Shutdown

    As Australian children finally return to school after a long summer holiday, scenes which seem all too familiar are also playing out in Guinea with an extra special sense of excitement. Students in this West African nation are finally realising their right to education nearly half a year after the Ebola epidemic forced all schools in the country to shut their doors.

  • Greenpeace Thrilled That Ocean Use Will Finally Be Regulated

    If you are a lover of the ocean, then it’s time to celebrate! After decades of politicians dragging their feet in the mud, and four very intense days of negotiations at the UN, a breakthrough was achieved in the early hours of 24th January. The agreement between governments around the world resulted in the development of a legally binding treaty that would protect marine species beyond national territorial waters.

  • CARE Slams Australian Government Decision To Cut Back On International Aid

    CARE Australia, the International aid agency has criticised, the Australian Government’s decision to cut back on foreign aid, which was announced by Treasurer Joe Hockey during the mid year Economic and Fiscal Outlook. CARE says it has serious doubts about whether the Government is sincere about its stated objected of Australian aid being better planned and more effective.

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