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Buy a Loved One a Charity Gift or make an Online Donation

This year why not buy a loved one an charity christmas present for a difference - after all, how many pairs of socks does someone need?! You can adopt an animal, sponsor a child there are hundreds of charity gits and presents inside!

  • Charity Gifts are a great way to show someone you care, and also provide help to those in need of it the most.
  • From just $10 you can buy a unique charity gift for a loved one that is guaranteed to bring a smile, and also have a long lasting affect - they really are gifts that keep on giving.
  • Think of someone else this christmas & buy a chrity christmas gift that will help all around the world.

Latest News from the Charity Gifts Australia Blog

  • WWF Urges Tiger Range Countries To Carry Out Surveys

    There is a distinct lack of accurate information in many countries where the tiger roams and according to the WWF the wild tiger population is facing extinction.

    During the Tiger Summit held in St. Petersburg in 2010 when countries that formed part of the tiger range committed themselves to achieving the goal of doubling the population of wild tigers by 2022, the population of wild tigers was estimated to be as few as 3200.

  • Oxfam Urges Australians To Help Change The World In An Instant

    Oxfam has released a new brand of instant coffee and is urging Australians to help change the world by purchasing it.

    Julia Sumner, General Manager for Oxfam Australia Trading said that the easiest way for Australians to instantly change the world was by switching every day purchases such as coffee.

  • Médecins Sans Frontières’ Says Violence In Darfur Kills Pregnant Women And Mothers

    Médecins Sans Frontières says that violence in Darfur which occurred last month resulted in the killing and wounding of both pregnant women and mothers.

    The intertribal violence took place in Sudan’s Central Darfur state in the Um Dukhun area. Approximately 100 people were either killed, injured or displaced into neighbouring Chad

  • UNICEF Responds To Growing Crisis In Iraq

    After the last three weeks of violence in Iraq, homelessness, fear and destitution is the reality faced by many of the children who have been displaced by the conflict says UNICEF.

    According to the aid agency approximately half a million people half of which are children have been forced to flee their home.

    Homeless, scared and destitute – this is the reality for many children displaced by the last three weeks of violence in Iraq.

  • WWF Pleased With The Appointment Of Threatened Species Commissioner

    The WWF says it is pleased with the introduction of a new Threatened Species Commissioner which the organization says is a welcome addition to the fight to save Australia’s threatened species and plants.

    Dermot O’ Gorman CEO of WWF-Australia says the decision to appoint a new commissioner taken by Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt has huge potential to be a valuable reform.

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