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Buy a Loved One a Charity Gift or make an Online Donation

This year why not buy a loved one an charity christmas present for a difference - after all, how many pairs of socks does someone need?! You can adopt an animal, sponsor a child there are hundreds of charity gits and presents inside!

  • Charity Gifts are a great way to show someone you care, and also provide help to those in need of it the most.
  • From just $10 you can buy a unique charity gift for a loved one that is guaranteed to bring a smile, and also have a long lasting affect - they really are gifts that keep on giving.
  • Think of someone else this christmas & buy a chrity christmas gift that will help all around the world.

Latest News from the Charity Gifts Australia Blog

  • Oxfam Says Climate Change A Big Threat To The Fight Against Hunger

    Oxfam is warning that Climate Change could have devastating results in the fight against hunger and put it back by decades because the current global food system is simply unprepared to cope with the challenge.

    Kelly Dent, a food policy specialist with Oxfam Australia says that across 10 key areas which include, finance, international adaptation, crop insurance, agricultural investment, humanitarian aid and food stocks, there are serious gaps between what is being done by governments and what is actually necessary to protect the global food system.

  • WWF Warns Great Barrier Reef At Risk From Climate Change

    The WWF-Australia is urging the Government to ratchet up its action on climate change aftert the IPCC released its 5th assessment report on climate change impacts and adaptation.

    WWF-Australia spokesperson Kellie Caught says the news is not good and according to the report it is highly likely that there is increasing risk of wildlife extinction as a result of climate change.

  • WWF Congratulates Queensland Government On Koala Conservation

    The WWF has offered its congratulations to the Government of Queensland for trying to keep its electoral promise of expanding nature refuges and national parks in particular seeking to help the endangered koala. The Newman government announced the Stewartdale Nature Refuge which is located in Ripley which lies just south of Ipswich and includes a Koala corridor.

    The Newman Government was elected in 2012 on the back of a commitment to spend $37.7 million to acquire protected areas and nature refuge’s from private landowners and a further $26.5 million to be spent on koala conservation.

  • Médecins Sans Frontières Says Refugees In Chad Need Immediate Food Aid

    People continue to flee the violence in the Central African Republic in their thousands and many are making their way to Sido, southern Chad and are in need of emergency aid.

    Médecins Sans Frontières head of mission in Chad Sarah Chateau says the authorities in Chad and the World Food Programme must act quickly and distribute food to a population which has nothing.

  • Young Reporters Rail Against Practice Of Child Soldiers

    Young reporters from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are taking a stance against the practice of recruiting child soldiers.

    Over the last couple of years hostilities in the east of the country has resulted in a large number of children being recruited for combat operation which has outraged young journalists.

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