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Help Children Worldwide with a Donation to UNICEF

UNICEF is the Worlds best known children's charity whose vision is to build a world where the basic rights of every child are realised. Work carried out by UNICEF has helped millions of children whose lives have been saved or changed for the better. The challenge is ongoing - millions of children still need your help.

Help Save the Lives of Children with a Donation to UNICEF

  • With a regular donation from just $10.00 a month you can become a UNICEF Global Parent. Your monthly gift will help not just one child, but children all over the world.
  • A one off donation from just $50.00 will be used by UNICEF wherever the need is greatest. This is a great way to save the lives of Children and help give them a future.

UNICEF Global Parent Programme

When you set up a monthly donation with UNICEF you become a Global Parent. This means your donation does not go to just one child in one village or one country, but to children in need all over the world. It’s a fair and just way to do something worthwhile.

Set up a regular donation and help many children through all stages of their childhood, every day of the year.

As a UNICEF Global Parent you give…

  • 0-5 years… the youngest children a good start in life
  • 6-12 years… young children the possibility to go to school

Together we can change the future

UNICEF believe it’s possible to create a better world for all children- but they need your help. A regular donation can change the future for the millions of children who live in poverty. Even a small monthly donation can help those who do not have enough to eat, have lost their parents, live on the street, or in war zones – without love, access to health, education and nutrition that is needed to grow up to become healthy and confident adults.

UNICEF Global Parent programme ensures that they can plan long-term, sustainable interventions. The more people that donate the more children can be helped directly.

Donate today and become a UNICEF Global Parent. Pledge your support and become an important part of a family that cares about children. Together with UNICEF you can give all children the opportunity to grow up and live a decent life.


UNICEF is an acronym for United Nations Children's Fund, a children's charity created in 1946. They champions children's rights across the globe and have the ability to make a lasting difference within communities. UNICEF projects set out to provide the right elements to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up to become healthy adults. Those elements are simple and something we take for granted when it comes to provision for our countries own children :

  • support
  • health care
  • education

Help UNICEF to reach children in need most with a one off or regular donation. They also run UNICEF Inspired Gifts which is another way to raise money for this fabulous cause.

UNICEF News from the Charity Gifts Australia Blog

  • UNICEF Works To Help Children Affected By Ebola Outbreak

    As efforts to stop the Ebola virus from spreading, UNICEF has warned of far reaching consequences for children. In Liberia for example, Ebola has caused severe disruption to children’s health services, school closures and left thousands of children without a parent. Children are dying from diseases such as measles which is preventable by vaccine and pregnant women have very few options regarding where to give birth safely.

  • UNICEF Asks Whether The World Is A Better Place For Children

    November 20th is the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and in anticipation of the date UNICEF has released an essay which asks the very important question “Is the world a better place for children?”

  • Help UNICEF By Donating Unwanted Foreign Currency

    If you needed a reason to clean all the corners of your office and home or under the seats of the car then chalk it up to Spring. Australian banking major Commonwealth Bank is working with UNICEF Australia and asking world travelers to spring clean for foreign coins.

    CBA and its subsidiary Bankwest are both asking customers to look for foreign coins that could be gathering dusk under the sofa, in shoeboxes, cupboards or drawers as part of this year’s Spring cleaning.

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