13 Year Old Raises $3000 for Unicef Australia

Amazing news coming in from Melbourne, where a 13 year old girl managed to raise a whopping $3000 for UNICEF Australia via her ‘Bat Mitzvah’. Natalie Adler decided to ask her guests to donate money to UNICEF instead of buying her gifts, and were they to argue? After all, a ‘Bat Mitzvah’ is the Jewish acknowledgment that a child has the same rights as an adult.

Natalie decided to donate the full $3,000 raised to UNICEF’s Malaria Appeal, though she never imagined she would raise so much money! A Bat Mitzvah is a celebratory time for Jewish girls, as she is recognised as morally responsible for the decisions she makes in her life.

Natalie said –

It was really good, my parents were proud of me. When you have quite a lot of people you don’t need that many presents. I looked on the internet for a while to see who I should donate the money to. I saw UNICEF and I clicked on it and I thought it would be nice to help kids my age as well somewhere else where they aren’t as fortunate. This one looked like a good idea, and that it could help a lot. Here (in Australia) we are so lucky. Mosquitoes love me they bite me all the time, and I find it so annoying but all I get is an itch, but they can get something much more life-threatening.

What an amazing gesture eh? The funds raised by Natalie will go a long way to help less fortunate children across the globe in the fight against malaria, a killer decease which is easily prevented.

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