3000 Tetanus Vaccinations for Mother’s Day with UNICEF Australia

Amazing news coming through from UNICEF Australia, where over 3000 tetanus vaccinations were purchased as Mother’s Day gifts this year. This is an amazing amount of generosity from the people of Australia, who have made a real effort to support the charities appeal to help fight the deadly effects of tetanus.

UNICEF Australia ran an advertising campaign that featured television presenter Carrie Bickmore to help the fight against maternal and neo-natal tetanus, and are quite staggered by the amazing response. Each vaccine may only cost $2, but in many countries even this small amount is a step too far. Thanks to the generosity of the Australian people, $6,600 vaccines were purchased for Mother’s Day this year, which is a total of 3,300 lifesaving injections.

This amazing total allowed UNICEF to eliminate more than 50% of the priority countries that needed urgent vaccination programs. Tetanus jabs for us are just a normal way of life, but in some poor countries, this disease kills one newborn baby every nine minutes. The disease is transmitted due to children being born unhygienic conditions. If the umbilical cord is cut using non sterilised equipment, then the disease can be passed, and without the vaccine, the chances of survival are slim.

In the last 14 years over 118 million women have been vaccinated against tetanus, yet more still require the injections as soon as possible. There are still 28 priority countries left that need tetanus injections immediately, so the job is only half done. Let’s hope more people can help to transform the lives of those less fortunate, and take a leaf from the people of Australia’s amazing Mother’s Day response to help save children’s lives.

If you would like to learn more about the work of UNICEF, check out our dedicated charity page for further information on how you can help save children’s lives across the globe.

 Photo by Jim Holmes of UNICEF

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