9 Out Of 10 Australians Donate To Charity

A new report from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) suggest that charities are rated as some of the most trustworthy institutions in the country, ranking behind doctors and police. The report goes on to add that 9 out of 10 Australians have donated to charity in the last year. The report by the ACNC also found that 78 per cent of people supported at least one charity regularly. Susan Pascoe, Commissioner of the ACNC says Australians are well known for their generosity and the results of the report support this.

Charities are trustworthy

The study took a look at confidence and public trust in charities, finding that most people see charities ranking as more trustworthy Australian institutions than even the High Court, the central bank and Federal Parliament. Despite the fact that charities are perceived as being very trustworthy, the survey also found that most people still believe that when it comes to spending, these organisations could be very wasteful. People who were polled said they did not trust charities that paid sales people to help with fund raising.

Still room for improvement

According to David Crosbie of the Community Council for Australia, despite the fact that 9 out of 10 Australians give, there is still room for improvement. Whenever there is a major disaster like bushfire or flood, Australians have voted with their pockets. This suggests a long tradition of supporting one another when times are hard. However Mr. Crosbie goes on to say that where Australians seem to lag is making regular donations which are required to underwrite the work of many organisations.

Lack of awareness of charities regulator

According to the latest research there is very little awareness that there is a national regulator for charities. Awareness of the ACNC has only increased from 37 per cent to 42 per cent over the last couple of years and only 8 per cent of those polled were able to recall the ACNC name. Nevertheless Ms. Pascoe says her agency’s work, in particular constructing a publicly available and searchable database of charities has played an important role in charities being perceived as trustworthy.

“The Charity Register is significant in creating trust in Australian charities. The research found that 73 per cent of people thought the Register was very important. Members of the public are able to search the Register to see if a charity is registered, and then find out what it does, where it operates, the people who run it, the rules it needs to follow, as well as its financial information. The Register creates transparency around charities’ activities so the public can be confident their donation will be used for its intended purpose. To date, the Charity Register has received nearly a million views.” she said.

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