90-Year-Old Man Finishes Decade Long Walk Around Australia To Raise Money For Charity

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90-year old Peter Tripovich has done the incredible. He just walked all the way around Australia. Mr Tripovich triumphantly walked down Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall, with his arms held in victory after completing a quest that took him a decade. He was wearing trainers with a huge hole cut in the side as well as a pair of jeans and a knitted jumper. He said he felt amazing but was looking forward to finally relaxing at least until Christmas.

A little battle scarred

Mr Tripovich said he was feeling a little battle scarred but other than that was grateful to his supporters. He said the reason behind the hole in his shoe was because he had a choice of either amputating the toe or cutting a hole in his shoe because his toe swelled up across the Nullabor. Mr Tripovich has for a long time wanted to walk around Australia which is a distance of approximately 20,000 kilometres. He finally committed to doing it at the age of 79 and decided to use the walk to raise money for children living in poorer countries.

Raising money for children

Mr. Tripovich chose the charity International Children’s Care Australia and till date has raised $102,000 for the organisation. He began his journey in Melbourne as a young 79-year-old and first attempted to make an anticlockwise circuit. Unfortunately, he was forced to stop after 15,000 kilometres in Pemberton Western Australia because his wife fell ill and passed away four years later. Last year on Australia Day he returned to Pemberton for the final leg of his journey back to Melbourne which was a 3,500 kilometre walk.

Relying on goodwill

On the average day he and driver Damien Buegge were able to cover about 40 kilometres, but on the final day of the journey they managed to travel 50 kilometres. On most occasions they relied on the generosity and good will of average people for food and shelter. Whenever things got difficult Mr Tripovich cast his mind back to the children he visited on the Thai-Myanmar border three years earlier.

“I have mixed emotions, It’s great that I was able to finish. It was a 10-year journey. I was a retired farmer and I decided to do something for someone worse off than myself. You’re never too old to venture out,” Mr Tripovich said.

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