About Us

This year why not buy a loved one an present with a difference – after all, how many pairs of socks does someone need?! Charity Gifts are a great way to show someone you care, and also provide help to those in need of it the most. From just $10 you can buy a unique gift for a loved one that is guaranteed to bring a smile, and also have a long lasting affect – they really are gifts that keep on giving. Remember each gift will go to those all around the world who really need help.

Charity Gifts is Australia’s newest charity donor acquisition portal. Our aim is to provide our users with access to the latest news and information on Australian charities as well as a simple and safe environment for purchasing charity gifts, setting up online donations and charity memberships. Our community of active charity supporters use our site to keep abreast of the issues facing the charities that they support as well as shopping for complementary products such as charity gifts.