Acclaimed Chef Kylie Kwong says Stop Hunger with Oxfam’s 2011 Appeal

Sydney born super chef and author Kylie Kwong is asking all her fellow compatriots to support the Oxfam Australia ‘Stop Hunger’ Appeal, which was launched on Monday 6th June 2011. This year’s appeal is to help the people of Mozambique, who are faced with an almost year round drought, and a recent increase of almost 30% in their food essentials. Nearly half of all children aged under the age of five are affected by malnutrition in Mozambique, a trend that need to be stopped and turned around.

Oxfam Australia want to support the people of Mozambique by giving them drought tolerant seeds to grow more food, alongside farming education to provide for their families. Pineapples for instance are an amazing source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, which are great to help children towards a balanced diet. Plus with any surplus stock, farmers can sell the excess at the local markets to generate income.

Kylie Kwong said –

Many poor communities around the world are at severe risk of hunger and malnutrition because they do not have access to food and the diverse range of produce that we take for granted in Australia. As a chef I am passionate about food, I care deeply about helping those who don’t have enough to eat. I encourage you to donate to the Stop Hunger Appeal.Together we can help families grow and cook fresh, healthy meals and work their way out of poverty.

With one in seven people in the world going hungry each day, now is a great time to stand up and make your voice hear in support of Oxfam Australia’s latest appeal. With food prices rising across the globe, your financial support could make all the difference to people’s lives who a in desperate need of your kind donations.

As an Australian tax payers you can reduce the amount of tax you owe by giving a gift of more than $2 to Oxfam Australia Tax Time Appeal (deductible gift recipient). If you donate today you can prevent childhood malnutrition and help Oxfam Stop Hunger so that people have the strength to lift themselves out of poverty.

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