Action Aid Promote Women in Farming with Fertile Ground

Action Aid Australia were pleased to help promote their ‘Fertile Ground’ campaign with their friend Polly, who flew in from Uganda to visit various states and spread the word around the country about sustainable agriculture and the status of women farmers. Polly is from an area in East Uganda which is very difficult to farm due to droughts, yet still manages to grow groundnuts, cowpeas and oranges at her families 10 acre farm.

Women farmers like Polly play a hugely critical role in developing countries in a bid to end world hunger. Women farmers produce up to 80% of food in the developing world, even though many of them are barred from owning farmland or taking part in agricultural aid programs. Polly, who arrived in Sydney on Saturday 18th June 2011, visited –

  • Orange
  • Bellingen
  • Armidale
  • Bundaberg
  • Melbourne

before heading home to her farm, husband and 5 children in Uganda. Polly is well known within her community and thanks to this ground breaking journey she will be able to pass on her new found knowledge to her friends back home, whilst also sharing her experiences of visiting Australia to the many people who will never have the opportunity to leave their country.

ActionAid Australia is calling on the government to make good on its $464.2m food security commitment and help under the G8?s L’Aquila Food Security Initiative and help to reduce the number of hungry people by up to 17% worldwide. To put that into context…

that’s almost 150 million people who could be saved from hunger and starvation.

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