Adopt an Animal

Adopt an animal and make a difference today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt an Animal

When people think about adopting an animal they usually mean an abandoned dog or lost cat. When we talk about animal adoption we mean much more than simply saving the life of a single animal. When you adopt an animal from somewhere like Taronga Zoo you are helping not just the animal, but the species and the ecosystem which affects many other animal types and people as well. Because the money raised from your animal adoption goes towards conservation, research and habitat preservation, you are helping to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same biodiversity we have today.Here are five reasons why you should adopt an animal today.

1. Save A Life
The main reason why you should adopt an animal is to help save an animal that has either been abandoned or is endangered. For example at Taronga Zoo you have the opportunity to adopt a Sumatran tiger which is critically endangered and could very well become extinct. You are not limited to adopting endangered species, Taronga Zoo has plenty of animals that you could adopt for another person such as koala bears. Not only does the koala get the help it needs, but the adoption makes for a great gift. By adopting an animal today you can do some real good by saving a life.

2. Make A Difference
By adopting an animal you can help to make a real difference. Every species plays an important role in the wider ecosystem and if we lose one species the impact on others can be tremendous. Adopting a lion for example, will help to protect the species and the delicate balance of the African ecosystem can be maintained. You have an amazing opportunity to make a difference to global conservation efforts so why not seize that opportunity and do some real good?

3. Expand your horizons
It is really easy to remain in our comfort zone, blissfully unaware of what is going on in the wider world around us. Adopting an animal such as a red panda will automatically start to make you see things beyond your immediate world. By adopting an animal that lives in another part of the world, you can expand your horizons because you will learn about the issues they face where they live.

4. Change The Narrative
Right now there are over 500 species that are in danger of becoming extinct. Can you imagine how many thousands of species we have lost since humans first entered the picture? By adopting an animal from you can help change the narrative. The story of mankind does not have to be one where our progress has meant the large scale destruction of other species. Help pave a new way forward by adopting an animal today.

5. Support A Good Cause
The only thing left to be said is that adopting an animal means you are supporting a good cause that desperately needs your help. Whether you are adopting an animal to help preserve an endangered species or doing it as a gift for someone else, you are participating in something that is bigger than all of us.