Andrew Forrest Makes Largest Living Charitable Donation In Australian History

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The mining magnate Andrew Forrest has revealed that he will donate $400 of his personal fortune. The extraordinary act of generosity was reported by the media initially and was then late confirmed by Mr Forrest himself. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten joined Mr Forrest at the announcement which was made at Parliament House in Canberra.

Extraordinary act of generosity

Mr Turnbull said that the donation was nothing short of extraordinary and was an excellent example of leadership, love and generosity. He added the donation was not extracted by the force of law instead it was a matter of the conviction of Mr Forrest’s love and commitment. The Prime Minister went on to say that everyone knows regardless of how successful they are, life could have turned out to be very different and we could all be much worse off and less well situated.

“All of us who have done well have been blessed by good fortune. So the generous person, the loving person gives back.” Mr Turnbull said

The donation will fund many causes

The money will be spent on a variety of different causes. Approximately $75 million will be used to fund cancer research. Another $75 million will be used to fund higher education. $75 million will fund childhood education. $50 million will be used to finance disadvantaged indigenous people and $75 million will go towards the elimination of modern slavery.

Serious philanthropist

Mr Forrest is the Chairman of Fortescue Metals Group and both he and his wife have over the years given very generously to many causes, however the most recent announcement dwarfs anything he has done before. In fact, the donation of $400 million is the single largest charitable donation made by a living person in the history of Australia. Whilst there have been significant donations made on a number of occasions in the past, the largest have tended to come from estates of deceased people or large companies.

A serious gift to the fight against cancer

Dr Ronald Dephino who will benefit from the endowment for cancer research said the world was in a position to make a decisive attack on cancer. The $75 million that Mr Forrest is donating towards the cancer initiative will be spent on making sure global cancer institute’s co-ordinate with one another efficiently.

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