Another Clothing Retailer Signs Up To Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord

Oxfam supporters like you deserve a big pat on the back following the decision by yet another major Australian clothing retailer to sign up to the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord.

Specialty Fashion Group which has a range of brands under its umbrella (including Katies, Millers and City Chic) became the fifth retailer to join the accord and add its signature. Specialty joins Forever New, Kmart, Cotton On and Target. Globally more than 80 footwear and clothing brands have signed up to the accord.

Its been just under three months since the disaster in Bangladesh and Rana Plaza collapsed killing over 1,100 workers in the garment industry. The tragedy of the collapse aside from the obvious loss of life was it was made much worse by the fact that it was totally preventable.

In response thousands of supporters of Oxfam signed a petition urging Australian retailers to subscribe to the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord. The fight is far from over and there is lots still to do when it comes to ensuring that factory workers in Bangladesh are treated fairly and are guaranteed as safe working environment, however this is a significant first step and is a direct consequence of ordinary Oxfam supporters.

Despite signing up some major retailers, there are some big hold outs and continued support is required to help bring them over the line.


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