Australia Lags Behind Key Trading Partners In Carbon Emissions

Australia has released a report authored by Vivid Economics which suggests that Australia is trailing its six most important trading partners when it comes to action on climate change.

Whilst the US, China, Singapore, Indonesia and the EU are on course to meet their international carbon reduction obligations, the report argues Australia is far behind.

The report also claims that other countries are rapidly improving their carbon and energy efficiency in comparison to Australia.
Kellie Caught of WWF Australia says that it is clear that Australia’s most important trading partners are doing something about climate change now and regard their obligations to cut carbon emissions as being serious.

“This report busts the myth that Australia is leading on climate action,” Ms Caught said.

“Australia is lagging behind. This report sends a clear signal that we need to do more to be a team player on the global stage. Australia’s trading partners are shifting to low carbon economies, and if we don’t take stronger action we could risk our international reputation and economic competitiveness.”

Ms. Caught says that to improve its performance, Australia should implement a policy in which it commits to cut carbon emissions by at least 25 per cent in 2020 instead of the very low current 5 per cent commitment

In order to achieve such a sizeable reduction Australia needs to limit pollution and put a price on emissions such as cap and trade programs used in California, China and Europe.

World leaders are expected to descend on Australia for the G20 Summit to be held in November and the Government should be willing to show its international partners the country is willing and able to step up to the plate and help tackle global warming.

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