Australia One Of The Most Generous Societies In The World

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It is no secret that Australia is one of the most generous societies in the world, donating about $4 billion every year to worthwhile causes. Residents of New South Wales are the most generous in the country according to a study conducted by Decibel Research. The study found that the average Australian donates $200 a year to charity. New South Wales residents donated an average of $265 whilst Western Australia ranked second with residents donating $262 whilst Victoria ranked third with an average annual donation of $200.

Women more likely to donate but men donate more

Women were found to be more likely than men to give to charity with 76 per cent making a donation in a year compared with 69 per cent for men. Whilst more women give, it was the men that tended to give more with a $214 average donation compared to a $190 donation average donation for women. The research also found that the number of Australians who said they had never made a donation was surprisingly high. 10 per cent of the population chose to keep all their cash in their pocket.

Too complicated to choose a cause

There are over 54,000 registered charities in Australia and the sheer number may make it too complicated to choose a beneficiary.  A recent report by Philanthropy Capital emphasised the increasing requirement for NFP groups to alter the way they collect. The organisation says that innovative philanthropy is essential is charities are going to deal with the increasingly complex social and environmental issues we face today.

Charities must innovate in the way they solicit donations

One way to achieve this is exemplified by a campaign that was recently launched by Canon Australia called Donate or Keep. Between now and July the company’s customers will have the opportunity to earn cash back on printer products, but have the option of donating their cash back to one of three charities. Jason McLean Canon’s director of consumer imaging said his company was incredibly proud to partner with some of the most respected charities in Australia by providing consumers the chance to make a difference with the purchase of their new printer.

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