Australia Sixth Most Charitable Country On The Planet

Australia is officially one of the most generous countries on Earth with the latest data suggesting that charities and non profits took in as much as US$76 billion in 2014. “Australia’s Charities in 2014” report released by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) has highlighted the enormous sums of money being donated by Australians.

Huge amounts of money donated

The report suggests that Australians gave close to US$76 billion in 2014 and supports Australia’s claim to be the sixth most charitable nation in the world which was first articulated by the Charitable Aid Foundation America in 2014. According to the World Giving Index the five most charitable nations were Myanmar, the United States, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

More money given by individuals than the government

Australia’s high total was made up of US$30.92 billion in government grants and $45 billion donated as personal income. The ACNA also reported how the different types of groups spent their income. Nearly 1 in 10 Australian’s work in the industry the report said. It added that there are 54,000 registered charities in the country of which the top 5 per cent attracted 80 per cent of the money given.

Report provides much needed transparancey

The big Australian charities have expressed their pleasure with the report saying it is a much needed layer of transparency to the industry’s spending habits and instills confidence in donors that their money will be spent wisely. Susan Pascoe ACNC Commissioner said the report enables Australians to get a sense of the money and activities in the sector. The report also highlights the purposes of the charities the money is being given to and who the beneficiaries are.

“In effect we’re close to a census of charities in Australia, because all registered charities are required to report annually. This is the first time that we will be able to say empirically how much money is in the charity sector in Australia.” Ms. Pascoe said.

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