Australian Charity To Start Selling Micro Homes To Raise Money

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Australian house prices have gotten out of control. Given the high price of owning your own home, would you consider buying a trendy micro-home that comes with a starting price of just $120,000? The tiny house movement has become a trend because of lifestyle tv shows and social media groups informing us of their benefits. So it comes as no surprise that an Australian charity has jumped on the bandwagon hoping to make a buck.

Small footprint

That may sound a little distasteful, but it really isn’t. The charity Kids under Cover is doing it for a good cause and has set up a business named Nestd which will market micro homes with prices starting as low as $120,000. Kieran Callan heads up Nestd and says the two-story house sits within a 30 square metre footprint and comes with toilet, shower, bathroom, upstairs bedroom and a lovely deck. If you find the price appealing, you should also know that it costs an additional $50,000 for transport, assembly and connection of utilities.

Kids under Cover

Kids under Cover is not new to the tiny housing phenomenon. The charity has actually been building one and two-bedroom self-contained studios in gardens for more than 3 decades in order to deal with youth homelessness. The homes they have installed over the years have kept people afloat. If you find $120,000 still to expensive, there is an even cheaper $35,000 option available very similar to the studios the charity builds and installs.

Using its expertise

Jo Swift who is CEO of Kids under Cover says the charity wants to use its expertise in building these micro homes to sell them to the general public with the intention of using the profits to fund the charity’s core programs. The one thing you need to be aware of when buying these homes is there is a crucial element missing and that is land. If happen to be living in your parent’s backyard and they are also amenable to it, then a micro home could be just your thing.

Hosing affordability is a major issue

Housing affordability is a major issue in Australia. Mr Callan says his adult children say to him they don’t know how they will be able to come up with a deposit. The reality of micro homes is they can be delivered on the ground for as low as $170,000 which is affordable for most people. Elderly individuals looking to downsize or live closer to relatives could also benefit from this type of home.

Demand for charity’s services rising

Ms Swift says demand for the charity’s services is increasing every year and in particular there has been a spike in the last few years. The charity’s findings are consistent with the latest census data covering the last five years which indicates that youth homelessness has risen by 14 per cent. Ms Swift says the charity installs approximately 70 relocatable studios each year and already has a waiting list for the next financial year.

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