Australian Poverty Ambassador To Walk Across Africa

walk to a better world

Often it can be easier to walk away from poverty’s harsh reality than face up to it. For many people it can be too overwhelming and distant. Australian poverty ambassador Matt Napier is doing the exact opposite. Mr. Napier will be walking the walk as takes a journey on foot across Africa. Mr Napier has undertaken a mission to end world poverty by walking 2,250 kilometres across Southern Africa as he seeks to raise awareness of the need for poverty reduction around the world in a sustainable manner.

 “As human beings, it shouldn’t matter where we’re born, or what colour our skin is, or what religion we follow – we should all be given the four basics in life, which is food, water, basic healthcare and education.” said Mr. Napier.

Walk To A Better World

Mr. Napier is calling his journey the Walk to a Better World campaign. As part of the campaign he will travel through four African nations kicking a soccer ball the entire way. The ball will be used as a method of connecting with people he will meet along the way from all walks of life. If you didn’t think that was hard enough already, Mr. Napier will also be living below the poverty line of US$1.50 a day in order to experience what it is like to survive on so little and share with others how hard his experience was.

Supporting Caritas Australia and others

Mr. Napier wants to use his walk to support Caritas Australia and the sustainable development projects the organisation runs. He will also be supporting OXFAM Australia, CARE Australia and the Fred Hollows Foundation. He hopes that Australians will donate as little as 1 per cent of their income to help alleviate poverty in a sustainable manner.

 “I’m hoping to help all Australians better understand the role they can play in ending world poverty in the next generation, and the importance of supporting sustainable development that works hand-in-hand with local communities” Matt said.

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