Australian Woman Proves That Ordinary People Can Make A Global Difference


Melody Towns lives by the adage that ordinary Australians can make a huge difference in the world. Six years ago, the mother from Sanford established a charity that sought to raise funds and awareness about human trafficking. Every year since then, the charity has managed to double its reach and significantly increase the money it raises. The charity which is called Be Her started off with a team of just ten people comprising friends of Mrs Towns. Now the charity has 300 volunteers spread throughout the country.

Raising awareness

Mrs Towns says that people have begun to understand the issue and feel they must do something about it. Be Her is raising awareness nationwide about human trafficking and empowering ordinary Australians to use what they have to make a difference she adds. During the most recent charity event held in Hobart, over 1,000 women attended making it a sell-out. There are more events planned in New South Wales and Queensland.

Nominated for an award

Next year Mrs Towns intends to hold more Be Her Freedom awareness events in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. Rather unsurprisingly organising all these events has become a full-time job for Mrs Towns, and what is remarkable is she doesn’t take a penny for any of the work she does. As a result, Mrs Towns has been nominated for the Pride of Australia award in recognition for her selflessness.

Shocked into action

Mrs Towns says she first learned about the millions of women and children who become forced into sexual slavery around the world after she attended a conference organised by international aid agency A21. She says the conference was a revelation and shocked her into doing something about it. She recently travelled to Cambodia to see for herself the tragic situation some girls and women find themselves in. She said she saw girls as young as eight who have been sexually exploited which she said was extremely confronting.

Issue resonates with women

Be Her Freedom events seek to attract the attention of women who Mrs Towns says the issue of human trafficking resonates the most with. She says that most women at some point during their lives have felt a sense of vulnerability. It is this empathy that Mrs Towns believes is the reason why the number of volunteers at her charity has grown across the country and attracted so many sponsors who have provided support. She said so many people have been generous, that everyone should be getting an award.

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