Australians Becoming More Generous When It Comes To Giving To Charity

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Susan Pascoe commissioner of the ACNC has said that the Australian Charities Report for 2015 would challenge how people see the charity sector in Australia. According to the results of the report, the sector is huge and growing both in terms of geography and its share of the national economy. Australia’s charity sector turns over a whopping A$134.5 billion and has grown by 2 per cent. When you compare the charity sector to the rest of the economy, the total revenue of the sector is the equivalent of 8.3 per cent of Australia’s GDP. The report also shows that the charity sector is one of Australia’s biggest employers, accounting for 1 in 10 jobs, second only to the retail sector.

Australia one of the most charitable countries in the world

This was the third annual Charities Report compiled by the regulator. The report showed that 42 per cent of charities saw their income fall while 55 per cent saw their incomes rise and 3 per cent stayed the same. Ms Pascoe said that according to the most recent World Giving Index, Australia is the third most charitable country in the world. This finding was also supported by the latest Australian Charities Report which found that there were $11.2 billion in donations made by Australians which was up 2.4 per cent from the previous year.

Report makes it easier to track changes in the charity sector

Tony Stuart CEO of Unicef Australia and chair of the ACNC Advisory board said the report would lead to a better understanding of the sector by the community. He adds that this report was the first-time Australians were able to identify and track changes in the aggregate financial situation of the country’s charity sector.

“The Australian Charities Report 2015 clearly shows that this is an economically significant sector that provides vital services to our community. For example, the combined income of the charity sector is larger than the energy, water and waste industry, and the total value of the services charities provide exceeds $120 billion annually. We are now able to measure changes in the sector over time. Prior to the establishment of the ACNC in December 2012, this simply was not possible.” Mr Stuart said.

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