Australians Unaware Of Famine In East Africa Says Caritas

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According to the latest polling data, approximately two-thirds of Australians know next to nothing about the 23 million people at risk of starvation in Yemen and East Africa. The number of people threatened by food insecurity in that part of the world is almost the entire population of Australia. Whilst Australians seem to be blissfully unaware of it, this catastrophe, is potentially the largest humanitarian disaster since the World War 2.

Australians can be generous

Paul O’Callaghan, Caritas Australia CEO says that back in 1984, hundreds of thousands of people responded to the Ethiopian famine and took action. Australians were extremely generous with their donations and many participated in a global movement led by U2 lead singer Bono and the Live Aid concerts which sought to end hunger and poverty. This time the scale seems to be significantly larger but the issue just doesn’t appear to be popping up on Australian’s radars.

Australians can make a difference

Mr O’Callaghan added that he had just returned from Kenya where he witnessed the huge level of human suffering for himself. In Kenya alone, there are three million people going hungry. The human requirements in countries affected by this famine are so intense and Australia has the ability to make a difference.

Please donate

Caritas Australia is the Catholic agency for International Aid and Development and as part of the international network of Caritas organisations, Caritas Australia has helped to deliver lifesaving support to nearly half a million-people affected by the famine. Mr O’Callaghan says the Caritas Australia is soliciting donations so that it can scale up the work that is doing in response to the famine and deliver food and water to people and communities who need it most.

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