Baby Francois’ Langur Born At Taronga Zoo

One of the world’s rarest monkey’s, a bright orange Francois’ langur has been born at Taronga Zoo. The baby boy has been named Nagua which means pumpkin in Mandarin. The little fella was found in his mother’s arms by zoo keepers at the beginning of last month. When a Francois’ langur is born it has bright orange fur, as they get older however the fur gradually darkens. The species is on the brink of extinction with less than 800 estimated to be remaining in the wild.

Fourth baby to be born at zoo

The species can be found in South-West China and Northern Vietnam and takes its name from August Francoise who was a 19th century French diplomat in China’s Guangxi province and was the first European to study the species. Nanguna is the fourth langur to be born at Taronga. The zoo is the only one in the region to have a langur breeding program.

All females participate in child rearing

François’ langurs practice allmothering, this is a parenting style in which all females in the group take part in raising the infant, passing it around and taking turns in nurturing it. Keepers at the zoo say the group has been working well since the birth of the baby. The baby’s mother is said to be very calm and showing her experience since birth by cradling and protecting her offspring but also allowing other monkey’s in the group to get close.

The baby is doing well

Nanguna is said to be doing well though his legs are still a little wobbly. He has strong control of his legs and he is climbing quite well. His keepers add that the little fella is being allowed to climb on top of the adults which suggests they are happy with his progress. Nanguna’s father is Bobo who came from Beijing Zoo five years ago to participate in an international breeding program.

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