Baby Red Kangaroo Pops Its Head Out For The First Time At Taronga Zoo


Taronga Zoo’s mob of red Kangaroos is expanding. The latest Joey is a five month old roo that only recently popped its head out of the pouch. Up until recently Taronga’s kangaroo keepers had only caught a partial glimpse of the Joey when they were checking up on mum Ariel’s pouch whilst she slept in the sun. The fact that Ariel allows them to do this is testament to the strong and trusting relationship shared between animals and the keepers that work with them.

Kangaroo births are amazing

This is Ariel’s first offspring and she has been extremely attentive towards the new joey. Joey’s are about the size of a jellybean when they are first born. Baby kangaroos are born blind and hairless and have to travel all the way from the birth canal into their mother’s belly following a path created by their mother through the hair of her belly.

You can see the kangaroos every day

Taronga Zoo is thrilled with the beautiful new addition to its mob of red kangaroos and the zoo is excited that its visitors will have the opportunity to see it when it starts coming out to say hello. The best time for visitors to see the kangaroos at Taronga Zoo as well as other species native to Australia is during the Aussie Bush Talk which takes place every day at 11:30 AM. The talk is held at Taronga’s Kangaroo Yard which is part of the Bush Friends exhibit and lies on the Kids’ Trail.

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