British Rugby Player To Run More Than 1000 Miles Across Australia For Chairty

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A former player with the York rugby team is preparing to run more than one thousand miles across Australia in order to raise money for charity. Robbie Dolan has played for both rugby teams in York as well as for Huddersfield and Bedford where he currently plays. Mr Dolan has timed his charity run to coincide with this year’s Rugby World Cup and will run between Melbourne and Brisbane over a period of 42 days and cover a distance of 1,118 miles whilst carrying a rugby ball. Mr Dolan calls the charity challenge, “The Longest Try”.

Financial sponsorship has been difficult to obtain

Mr Dolan says he has attempted to obtain a financial sponsor but has been unable to do so, which means he will foot most of the bill for the endeavour. Some sponsors have been drip feeding his funds but thanks to many generous donations made, Mr Dolan has been able to train in the UK and is able to afford a motorhome that his girlfriend will drive in order to support him on his run.

Individuals have made generous donations

Mr Dolan says he is very grateful because to purchase a motorhome would have cost thousands of dollars and to rent it for the time necessary would not have been much cheaper. The donation has saved him a lot of cash and has made the trip financially possible. Mr Dolan says he has been partnering with a cartographer in New South Wales in order to work out which would be the best route for his journey and he is also trying to drum up interest in the Australian media.

Carrying a vintage rugby ball

Mr Dolan says he has picked out a vintage leather rugby ball that dates back to the 1950’s that he will carry whilst he is on his run as tribute to his grandfather. He will also be running in memory of his grandmother who passed away whilst he was in Australia in 2016 on a scouting trip. Mr Dolan said the main reason he got in to rugby league was because of his grandfather so he says it will be nice to hold a ball like the one he used to play with.

Raising money for both British and Australian charities

Mr Dolan will be raising money for The Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity which provides assistance to children with life-changing disease. He will also donate part of the proceeds of the run to The Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia as well as the Miracle Babies Foundation.

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