Buy a Football for UNICEF Ambassador Tim Cahill Birthday

Tuesday 6th December 2011 is UNICEF Australia ambassador Tim Cahill’s 32nd birthday, and why not celebrate with him by purchasing a football to help vulnerable children around the world. This professional quality charity gift will be given to children who don’t have access to sporting gear in the world’s poorest communities.

As a player and manager myself, I don’t know what my life would have been like if I hadn’t had a football to play with at an early age. There could be the next great player out there waiting to play the game but due to a lack of equipment they may never get a chance to fulfil their potential. All children should have the right to play, exercise and have fun, and with this gift you could be unlocking the dreams of a child in one of the world’s poorest areas.

Tim said –

I’ve been playing football for as long as I can remember and it has been the catalyst for huge change in my life.  With a football from UNICEF Inspired Gifts you can provide a catalyst for change in a child’s life. Football injects joy and laughter into even the most remote corners of the world, from schools to refugee camps.

There’s a huge selection of UNICEF’s Inspired Gifts to choose from, including –

  • vaccines
  • medicines
  • water containers
  • education materials

all of which will be delivered to children and communities most in need. So why not help celebrate Tim’s birthday with him this year and give the gift of a football with UNICEF Inspired Gifts today.

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