Buy a Gift of Hope this Christmas at the Wesley Gift Shop

This year, instead of buying traditional Christmas gifts, why not buy charity gifts on behalf of your loved ones and friends? By purchasing a present at the Wesley Gift Shop you will not only be offering an amazing gift to a friend of loved one, but also helping some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in Australia.

There’s a great selection of innovative and original gifts to choose from,  with each one helping someone that the Wesley Mission cares for.

Gifts include –

  • Stationery Set: Just $20 buys a stationery set for a school child from a disadvantaged home.
  • Rhyming books: A $50 gift will buy 10 nursery rhyme books to help kids improve literacy skills and become confident readers.
  • Horseback heroes: For $80 you can provide horse-riding classes for disadvantaged kids to give them a chance to have some fun and build self-esteem.

Whatever you choose to buy, you will be helping someone in need. Like Bronwyn and her family. Bronwyn, 41, a single mother-of-five, spends her life struggling to make ends meet while trying to be there for her children. Then in quick succession, her husband’s business went bankrupt, and he walked out on the family.

Bronwyn lost her nice house in the Blue Mountains and now lives in a Department of Housing home in far western Sydney, with eviction a constant threat. Bronwyn’s youngest son, Jacob, has serious mental and physical disabilities and requires constant care and expensive medical treatments. Things haven’t always been so tough.

Bronwyn said –

I bought my first house when I was 17 and worked multiple jobs to pay it off by the time I was 30. I have to work nights now so I can be home during the day to look after Jacob. I rely on my oldest daughter to look after the other kids and it’s not fair because she needs time for study and just being a teenager. I don’t want to be rich, I just want to get my head above the water and keep it there.

Bronwyn recently decided to talk to Wesley Mission Financial Counsellor Joanne Hunt in Penrith. After six months working with Joanne, Bronwyn has consistently reduced her debt.

Making a difference is easy this Christmas. All you need to do is

  • Choose a gift from Wesley Gift Shop.
  • Dedicate the gift to a loved one or friend by sending them a printed card or an e-card.
  • Help Wesley Mission assist the most vulnerable in our community.

Shop at the Wesley Gift Shop and help Wesley Mission help the poorest and the most disadvantaged people in New South Wales this Christmas. A Wesley Gift captures the true spirit of Christmas as no other gift can.

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