CARE Australia Extends Helping Had At New Jordanian Refugee Camp

Jordan recently opened its second refugee camp designed to house those that are fleeing the violence in Syria. CARE Australia is playing a central role in providing support to newly arriving Syrian refugees.

There are approximately 60,000 refugees from Syria in Jordan at the moment and prior to the opening of the second camp the only camp in Jordan at Zaatari houses 100,000 people. The Azraq camp was desperately needed and will provide protection, and urgent assistance to approximately 50,000 refugees that have fled the violence.

Megan Chisholm and Emergency Manager with CARE said that services both in Jordanian towns and at Zaatari were already under pressure as local communities and refugees struggle with increased living costs and overcrowded accommodation as public services are stretched to their limit.

According to Ms. Chisholm the Azraq camp will be able to offer vital life saving assistance and shelter to those that are fleeing the violence. Whilst it has an initial capacity of 50,000, that can be expanded to 130,000 refugees if the violence in Syria continues.

CARE will offer those that arrive with critical information on where and how they can gain access to food and healthcare. The organization has also constructed a number of community centres and friendly spaces at the new camp that will offer a safe haven for the most vulnerable of refugees which include women who are finding it very difficult to cope with the psychological effects of war.

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