CARE Concern at South East Asia Flooding

CARE Australia emergency teams are currently working on the front line in both Vietnam and Cambodia as both regions face their worst flooding in over decade. Reports are coming in that over 250 people have been killed in Cambodia, with at least another 100 deaths in Vietnam including many children.

It is estimated that over two million people have been affected in these two countries alone, as the unusually heavy monsoon rains cause devastation across South East Asia. Worst effected is Thailand, with more than 500 dead and water levels still rising across Bangkok.

CARE Cambodia’s Assistant Country Director, Bill Pennington, said –

Our assistance to Prey Veng is part of a wider program by CARE to support over 6,000 families who have had their homes destroyed or damaged, lost assets and had their livelihoods placed at risk due to the Mekong floods. Families have received packages containing essential food items, blankets, mosquito nets, hygiene kits and water filters supplied by CARE, with nearly 40 tonnes of rice supplied by the World Food Programme. We’ve also been working with the communities on preventative health and water sanitation and health training. Hygiene is becoming a major concern for us as the floods persist.

Flood levels are expected to stay high for at least another month in Cambodia, effecting some 1.5 million people. CARE charity officials has been working hard in Vietnam to distribute life jackets and relief to over 1,000 households in Prey Veng, where flooding has affected almost 79,000 hectares of rice paddies, with over half destroyed. Not only are people losing their homes, but also their livelihoods.

With Vietnam being the world’s second biggest rice exporter, these are troubling times not just for the people of Vietnam, but also the countries economy as a whole. If you would like to make a donation to help these poor people during their hour of need, simply click on the link below to provide a donation which will go a long way to stopping hunger and ill health from poor sanitation and hygiene conditions.

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