CARE Still Working Hard Three Months After Typhoon Haiyan

More than three months following the impact of Typhoon Haiyan which left the central Philippines devastated, CARE Australia the international aid agency is growing increasingly worried that many of the survivors are unable to earn and income to feed their families.

The super storm struck the Philippines in November 2013 and as a result over 16 million people have been affected with more than 4 million people forced to live in temporary shelters and over 6,000 people dead and many more missing.

It is estimated that 5.9 million workers have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan in a part of the Philippines which is dependent on agriculture and fishing. The storm is said to have caused as much as $723 million in damages to livestock, crops, agricultural infrastructure and fisheries. There are an estimated 33 million coconut trees that were destroyed or damaged which impacts over 1 million farmers.

CARE’s disaster recovery efforts are focused on helping families achieve self sufficiency once more through rice production, vegetable farming, fishing and other activities that generate income. The work is designed to support those families that are most vulnerable and in particular female led households.

“Leyte, Samar and Panay, the islands in central Philippines where CARE’s efforts are targeted, have long been considered some of the poorest parts of the country. Typhoon Haiyan made this situation much worse, Imagine losing not only your home, but your only source of income at the same time. That’s the reality of what many thousands of typhoon-affected families are living with right now, making recovery incredibly difficult.” said Lex Kassenberg, CARE‘s Country Director for the Philippines.

CARE will be offering the most vulnerable families cash assistance, training and support designed to help them begin their previous employment and diversify their activities so they earn an income.

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