Caritas Asks For Your Help In Response To Civil War In Syria

Syrian Refugees

Caritas Australian in collaboration with its global network is continuing to provide support to people in the Middle East as the Syria crisis continues. Aleppo was caught in the middle of an intense 4-year civil war between the Government of Syria and rebels. The fighting intensified and civilians continued to flee Eastern parts of the city that were held by opposition. As of the 23rd December 2016, the Syrian Government retook control of the city.

How Caritas is responding

The continuing situation for the city is still grim despite the battle for control officially coming to an end. The global Caritas network which includes Caritas Australia is still offering support to Syrian families through funding and programs. Caritas has offered funding to people fleeing the civil war in Syria. During 2015 the global aid agency provided assistance to 1.8 million Syrian families. The programs provided by Caritas include:

  • Support for mental health.
  • The provision of basic healthcare such as GP clinics and secondary services such as surgery.
  • Educational and social services.
  • Food, water, shelter sanitation, hygiene and non-food items such as bedding and clothing.

Caritas Australia is doing its bit to assist those people who have fled from Syria to other Middle Eastern nations such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey through its emergency appeals and has managed to contribute $5.58 million through appeals. Once again, the aid agency of the Catholic church asks you to contribute so it can continue to make funding available to victims of the ongoing crisis.

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