Caritas Australia Appeals For Donations To Feed Africa’s Starving

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In a pastoral letter written by the Bishops of South Sudan, they have said their people are simply struggling to survive and have expressed a desperate plea for help. Recently the United Nations declared famine in parts of the country and according to Paul O’Callaghan who heads up Caritas Australia, if there is no concerted political and community action, it is likely the famine will spread throughout the region. He added that there are over 20 million people at risk of starvation and this could well end up being catastrophic without immediate attention.

It is important to deal with the problem before it is too late

Mr O’Callaghan says it is critical for us to do whatever is possible before it is too late. The situation is unprecedented and is arguably the most serious food security event that has occurred since the 1984 famine that devastated Ethiopia. As a result, Caritas has launched an Africa Emergency Appeal as it seeks to raise money to help those who need it. The aid agency is working with partners throughout the Caritas International network to deliver aid to the affected countries in Africa.

Unique reach

Mary Wachira who is Caritas Australia’s representative on the ground in South Sudan says Caritas has a unique reach through the Church and is able to deliver aid to the most vulnerable communities which means it is ideally placed to provide help to those who need it. Australians have time and again shown their generosity and this time round the money they donate will be used to provide people with food and water as well as allow Caritas to continue its long-term development work so that communities end up being more resilient to possible future threats.

Climate change is a major problem

This latest food crisis is in large part driven by conflict in many areas alongside high inflation which is driving food prices sky high. In addition, climate change is making the problem of drought throughout the Horn of Africa more acute. The long-term impact of climate change means the entire region is finding it more difficult to endure extreme weather which puts thousands of people at risk of hunger and disease.

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