Caritas Australia To Kick Off This Year’s Project Compassion On February 14th  

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Caritas Australia passionately believes that young people are an important part of the solution to the many problems of their communities. As a result, Caritas organises Project Compassion every year which seeks to mobilise hundreds of thousands of students as well as Australians spanning all generations to take action to help Australia’s neighbours. On Ash Wednesday which takes place on February 14th  2018 Caritas Australia will launch this year’s Project Compassion appeal which is one of the largest fundraising and awareness campaigns in Australia.

Takes place over Lent

Every year, Project Compassion takes place over the six-week period of Lent and is designed to bring together Australia’s diverse communities to show their solidarity with the world’s poor. The funds raised will be used to help end poverty, deliver justice and maintain dignity. This year, the focus of the effort will be on youth and their communities all over the world and helping to provide them with a “Just Future”

Supporting young people

The United Nations estimates that approximately 250 million children globally live in conflict zones. Caritas Australia strongly believes that its work and the contribution of young people is critical to delivering a sustainable peace. A spokesperson for Caritas says it is young people who are more often than not the game changers in fragile contexts globally. He cited one example where a Syrian child living in the capital Damascus struggled to overcome the trauma of living in a war zone. Now the child has grown into an academic high-achiever and is flourishing thanks to going to a school in a stable environment that was made possible by Caritas Australia and its partners in Jordan.

Important to invest in youth

David Armstrong, Caritas Head of Engagement and Sustainability says that youth represent the future and are the best hoper for a better tomorrow. Engaging and investing in millions of young people all over the world living in fragile environments has never been more important. Mr Armstrong hopes that Australians come out and support Project Compassion because the donations are important and make a massive difference to the aid agency’s ability to help communities that are vulnerable around the world.

Support Caritas Australia’s work around the world

The money that is raised during Project Compassion will be used to fund Caritas Australia’s humanitarian and development programs that span 27 countries across the world including Australia’s First Peoples. Last year the exercise managed to raise an astonishing $11 million and as a result thanks to the support of ordinary Australians, Caritas Australia was able to reach more than 2 million people through its emergency and development programs.

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