Caritas Australia Launches Project Compassion 2016

project compassion

On the 7th of February 2016 Caritas Australia which is the international aid agency of the Catholic Church launched its Project Compassion appeal which occurs annually. The appeal is the largest fundraising and awareness raising drive in Australia. This year will be the 50th year that Project Compassion has been launched and thanks to supporters as well as parishes and schools throughout the country, last year the project was able to raise $11.57 million.

Solidarity with the poor

Every year Project Compassion takes place over the six week period that covers Lent. The project brings together hundreds of thousands of Australians who express their solidarity with the poor of the world in the hopes that eventually there will be an end to poverty as well as upholding of their dignity and the promotion of justice. The funds that are raised are used to finance Caritas Australia’s humanitarian and development programs in as many as 40 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and indigenous Australian communities.

“Lent is the time of year when we put our faith into action through prayer, fasting and alms giving. Project Compassion has transformed millions of lives and every year since 1965 we have demonstrated our faith, our compassion and our generosity towards the most vulnerable members of our global family.” said Caritas Australia CEO, Paul O’Callaghan.

Education is the theme

This year’s theme for Project Compassion is “Learning more, creating change” which is inspired by Pope Francis’s statement that “Education is an act of hope”. This Project Compassion will be celebrating the power of learning and the large number of ways Caritas Australia works with local partners globally to provide critical education as well as renewed hope to those that have been marginalised the most.

Transforming the future

This year Caritas Australia will feature stories from countries such as Australia, Cambodia, India, Papua New Guinea, Lao and Malawi which will demonstrate how people and communities are empowered through education, training and sharing knowledge which transforms the future and creates lasting change.

Help raise money

Caritas Australia is inviting Australians to support Project Compassion during Lent either through directly donating or organising fund raising events. This includes Caritas Ks, where money is raised by people participating by walking, running, swimming or cycling kilometres for compassion. Alternatively people could participate in Fish Fridays which involves people eating a small fish meal and then making a donation to Caritas Australia.

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