Caritas Australia Responds To Crisis In The Horn Of Africa

famine africa

Famine has been declared in South Sudan and Caritas Australia is doing its bit to provide support to the people that live there. At the end of February, the United Nations formally declared famine in two counties within the state. The areas included the Northern-central region of the country where approximately 100,000 people face the prospect of starvation. The UN World Food Programme reckons about 4.9 million people are in desperate need of food throughout the country.

Multiple countries affected

The potential for famine in not limited to just South Sudan, countries across the Horn of Africa are also being impacted. This includes Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia and Kenya. The continuing conflict which began in South Sudan back in December 2013 has had a major impact on the crisis. There are as many as 1.85 million people internally displaced and farmers have been unable to plant crops. This has resulted in severe malnutrition rates. Climate change has also not helped the situation either.

Caritas Australia coordinating with other agencies

Caritas Australia runs programs in South Sudan as well as the other countries that comprise the Horn of Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Caritas Australia is also lending its support to both the global and local Caritas network in a coordinated response to the crisis. The agency’s work in South Sudan has concentrated on delivering food security as well as providing hygiene. The agency is also ensuring HIV and AIDS patients receive treatment as well as focusing on Disaster Risk Reduction, emergency assistance and peace-building. Caritas Australia remains in close contact with the agency’s partners in the countries affected by the countries and is ready to participate in the emergency response.

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