Caritas Australia Responds To Flooding In Sri Lanka

In late December 2014, Sri Lanka was lashed by torrential rains which resulted in wide spread damage across the island nation. Over 1 million people have been left homeless and displaced after their houses were damaged by flooding and landslides. The response by the international community has been far from adequate and there is an urgent need to do something about it.

The majority of the country has been affected

The vast majority of Sri Lanka’s districts have been devastated by floods with North Western, North, Uva, Central and Eastern Provinces of the country being the worst affected. Something needs to be done about the destruction that has been caused by the floods and Caritas Australia is calling on Australians to lend a helping hand.

Recurring weather events leave families vulnerable

A large number of communities worst affected by the floods continue to experience recurring weather disasters over the last few years, including a prolonged drought. This has meant they lack the reserves and ability to withstand this latest natural disaster. These families are particularly vulnerable and without aid, may find it difficult to survive.

Caritas working with local governments

Caritas Australia has a network partner in the country (Caritas Sri Lanka) which is offering immediate assistance to as many as 14,500 families that have been worst affected by the flooding. The agency is working with local government authorities to provide the most immediate basic needs for those families that have been affected. With some hard work and perseverance, the agency may be able to make a difference.

Initial response focused on most vulnerable

Caritas Australia is supporting the emergency response which includes providing drinking water, food and hygiene items to displaced families. Caritas Sri Lanka is also offering clothing, mats and bed sheets which are of particular importance in the current weather situation. The initial response is particularly focused on helping the most vulnerable, including children, elderly, female headed households and those who live with disability.

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