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Women from across Australia are joining hands as part of a global sisterhood that is seeking to raise funding and awareness for women living in poverty all over the world. In September Caritas will be supporting Australia’s Women for the World fundraiser. The fundraiser will bring together thousands of women from across the country who will host their own Women for the World events. The events will range from just a plain morning tea, to an elaborate dinner party or perhaps a movie night.

Caritas Australia works globally

Caritas Australia is part of one of the world’s largest humanitarian networks and the agency is present in over 29 countries working at the community level. Caritas Australia also works with the First Australian communities so that their girls and women can also participate. The funds that will be raised by Women of the World events will go towards financing Caritas Australia’s work in the countries it operates in across Asia, Africa, Latin America and of course with First Australians.

Women suffer disproportionately

Michelle Fernon who is one of the founders of Women for the World and is a long-time advocate for Caritas Australia thinks now is the time to take action given the fact that it is women who disproportionately bear the brunt of extreme poverty globally. Ms Fernon says that women play an important role in society’s fabric however, 55 per cent of word’s poor are women. Many women have to put up with systemic discrimination that deprives them of education, access to healthcare or employment. Ms Fernon adds despite the gloomy picture, we can do something about it.

Bringing together people

Ms Fernon says that Women for the World events are about bringing together people who feel very strongly about social justice, especially when it relates to women. She goes on to say that hosting a fundraiser is a fantastic way to have a good time with friends and family whilst also making a huge difference to women’s lives all over the world. When hosting a Women for the World even, the most important thing is that people have fun, so she advises people to choose something they like to do and include friends, family and colleagues.

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