Caritas Australia Thanks Supporters Of Project Compassion

project compassion

Following Easter celebrations last month, Caritas Australia, the international aid and development agency of the Catholic church has thanked everyone that supported its annual Project Compassion appeal for their generosity during the Lent season. For over half a century, Project Compassion has provided the opportunity to millions of the world’s poorest to learn, grow and create change.

 “In this Year of Mercy, Pope Francis invites us to set our ‘default’ at Mercy. It could be said that during Lent, when we are invited to be more intentional through prayer, fasting and alms-giving, that one of the favoured ‘default settings’ for Australian Catholics is Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion.” said Sister Anne McGuire the agency’s Head of Mission.

Run every year

Every year Project Compassion is run through the six week of Lent. During this period hundreds of thousands of Australians come together in solidarity with the poor of the world. The money that is raised finances the important work that Caritas Australia does in over 30 countries spanning the First Australian communities, the Pacific, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Been going for 50 years

David Smith a teacher at the Adelaide based Xavier College remembers when he was five years old and experienced his first Project Compassion as if it was yesterday. His entire family used to participate in Henley Beach Parish in South Australia. Today Mr. Smith and his colleagues at Xavier’s inspire their students to support Project Compassion.

 “The importance of helping others through Project Compassion is something I suppose made a real impression on me from an early age. We were encouraged to make a sacrifice, back then one cent could buy quite a lot. It has been part of our lives, part of my own life and my family’s life for 50 years. My wife Margie and I have been married for nearly thirty three years, we have eight children and every year through Lent of course it’s been part of our family tradition.” Mr. Smith said.

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