Caritas Australia Urges Australia To Do More On Climate Change

climate change

Caritas Australia is urging the Australian Government to provide more money to countries around the world that are struggling to adapt to climate change. Paul O’ Callaghan, Caritas Australia’s Chief Executive Officer says his agency is asking the Turnbull Government to increase the amount the country contributes to international climate finance initiatives. He adds that Australia should pay its fair share to assist countries that are vulnerable to climate change, many of whom tend to be Australia’s nearest neighbours.

Money should not be diverted from other programs

Mr O’ Callaghan said it is critical that the money be on top of what Australia is already providing in development assistance so that there is no funding that is diverted from other poverty reduction programs. Caritas Australia is also urging those people whose lives are going to be the most affected by climate change to play a more direct role in the development of policy. It is clear that Oceania countries are going to be those that are most affected despite the fact that they have contributed the least to its causes.

“Pacific Island communities and First Australians are two groups already feeling the effects of climate change. As the world continues to work to solve the climate crisis, it is critical that their voices continue to be heard at an international level.” Mr O’ Callaghan said.

Millions of people already affected

Caritas Australia recently released a report which highlights the impact of climate change in the Oceania region and its call to government comes hot on the heels of that. The report titled, “Hungry for Justice, Thirsty for Change” was authored in collaboration with Caritas Australia’s sister organisations in New Zealand and Tonga. The report says that over the last year, there have been several weather events that have been turbo charged by El-Nino which has resulted in food and water shortages for over five million people across thirteen countries.

Life or death

The report author Amelia Ma’afu says that climate change is already affecting the Pacific and is an urgent life or death situation. People are at risk of losing their homes and their lands. Ms Ma’afu is urging the Australian Government to show its support for the people of the Pacific and help them to survive climate change. Caritas Australia wants all Australians to show their solidarity with their Pacific neighbours by writing letters to local MP’s and state senators, asking them to take more action against climate change.

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