Caritas Australia Urges Australians To Stand With Syrian Refugees

Caritas Australia is urging Australians to show solidarity with the people in Syria by taking part in a candle light vigil that is being held worldwide to mark three years since the civil war began.

Over 100,000 people have been killed in this brutal conflict since it began in March 2011. It is estimated that as many as 9.3 million people have been affected by the worst humanitarian crisis this century.

Caritas Australia’s efforts at emergency relief to those people who find themselves caught up in the conflict is ongoing and the agency is urging the government of Australia to do more to help bring peace to the country.

Melville Fernandez who leads Caritas Australia’s Humanitarian Emergencies Groups says the civil war in Syria has forced millions of people to search for safety as they flee the violence.

Mr. Fernandez estimates that there have been 6.5 million people displaced since the conflict began with 2.5 million people seeking refuge outside of Syria’s borders.

 “These people, including 3 million children, are in desperate need of assistance. Many are living without food, without safe drinking water, and without sanitation or basic healthcare services. Humanitarian organisations face significant challenges as they try to reach these vulnerable communities. Political will to assist these people is low and the United Nations appeal for Syria remains grossly underfunded. We’re asking Australians to stand with Syria this weekend and to support our Government to increase its financial commitment and diplomatic efforts to achieve sustainable and inclusive peace.” Mr. Fernandez said.

Caritas’s international network is working across the region including Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to offer the humanitarian assistance that is so desperately needed. The agency is providing both shelter and food as well as health services for over half a million people who have been affected by the crisis.

This year Caritas Australia says it will offer support for a new program aimed at Syrian children who have been disproportionately affected by the brutality of this civil war.

Local community leaders will offer counselling and training through puppet shows and play for those children that are most vulnerable. The program is designed to ensure that kids receive much needed psychological support and also enable them to continue with their education which has been interrupted by the start of the conflict.

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