Caritas Australia Urges Government To Do More About Climate Change

climate change

Eri from Kiribati aged 28 and father of three visited Australia recently to educate Australians about what is going on in his country. Following his visit to Australia, he attended the UN climate summit in Germany to make sure that he and his compatriots had their voices heard when it comes to determining the future of climate policy. Eri says the prospect of forced relocation as a result of climate change is very real and very grim.

Australia needs to play a far greater global role

He says that each year he and his wife talk about having to leave the country because sea levels are rising. However, the couple and their children feel that Kiribati is their home, it is the language they speak and the traditions and culture that that they honour which they don’t want to lose. Eri is Caritas Australia’s ambassador for climate change in the Pacific and is using is position to urge the Australian government to play a far greater role in the global shift to a clean energy future which would mean making a commitment to not opening any new coal mines.

Rising sea levels wreaking havoc

The Caritas State of the Environment for Oceania report which was recently released shows that havoc has been wreaked on people’s lives because of the rise in sea levels combined with food and water shortages as well as extreme weather events. Negaya Chorley of Caritas Australia says that climate change is entrenching poverty and inequality across the pacific. The aid agency of the Catholic church is urging the Australian government to follow the example set by many Pacific Island nations who have adopted some of the strongest renewable energy targets in the world.

Australia is totally unprepared for the future

Ms Chorley says that Australia is wholly unprepared for what is to come. She adds that tens of thousands of people are likely to be made homeless as a result of climate change and there is no comprehensive government policy in place that will adequately deal with climate change and tackle its consequences. Ms Chorley says that Australia needs to be far more proactive and strategic in its long-term planning when it comes to this issue.

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