Caritas Engages Young Adults Through Global Justice Workshop

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As it seeks to better engage young adults, Caritas Australia recently hosted an inaugural Global Justice Workshop. 22 young people participated in the event, with some travelling right across the country to visit Caritas Sydney headquarters. Some of the participants came from the universities in Sydney as well as delegates from various Archdioceses from a number of Australian cities. Greta Spies, a community participation leader from New South Wales said the three-day event was an unprecedented opportunity for young people who think long the same lines to see exactly how Caritas operates when delivering aid and development.

Lots of activities

The workshop began with a traditional Aboriginal Welcome to Country ceremony. During the event the delegates spent time shadowing Caritas staff including those staff members who are responsible for responding to emergencies, developing campaigns and fund raising appeals. On the last day of the three-day event, delegates participated in an “Amazing Race” challenge. The challenge was designed to give attendees a sample of what it is like to campaign on aid and development as well as raise awareness of global issues.

Increase awareness of global issues in the community

Delegates to the event were split in to two group of 11 and made their way to the campuses of the Australian Catholic University and the University of Notre Dame. On the two campuses the teams task was to get as many students as possible to join the call for a “Fairer World”. The Fairer World campaign was launched earlier in the year and calls on the Australian Prime Minister to empathise with those who live in poverty or experience injustice by redesigning Australia’s foreign aid budget, upholding the rights of the first Australians and making better efforts at reducing emissions.

The need for a fairer world

One delegate, Felicity Walter, who teaches social justice to primary school students says the idea of a “Fairer World” particularly resonates with her. She travelled from Melbourne to attend the workshop. Ms Walters says she think it is possible to live in a world that is fairer. When she talks about justice with her students, many of them agree with the idea and ask why would we not like to live in a fair world?

 “They learn from their parents that we all share things and we should do what’s right. Somewhere along the way people can lose that, because things like greed and corruption can manipulate the way that they think. I don’t think the world is fair, but it could be if we all had a global, outward understanding.”

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