Caritas Helping To Heal Syrian Children Affected By War

Missy Higgins Youtube video

Missy Higgins, the award winning Australian musician has launched her latest song which is called ‘Oh Canada” and is about a Syrian refugee who is just 3 years old and is called Alan Kurdi. The video clip posted above of the song features drawings by children who are part of Caritas program in Damascus Syria. Missy Higgins says she felt compelled to write the song because she was haunted by the image of seeing Alan lying lifeless on a Turkish beach last year. Alan and his family along with millions of others were fleeing the war in Syria.

Shocked by the photo

Missy Higgins says she was shocked by the photo of little Alan being carried out of the water. We are hardened to reading about the plight of refugees which is often tragic. However the image of Alan exposed people to the reality of the situation in such a raw way. She adds that from where she was sitting in her living room nursing her new born son, the image of Alan was gut wrenching because she felt it could have been her own little boy and she felt a profound protective instinct for Alan and other people like him.

“Alan died along with his little brother, his mother and many other Syrian people on that boat. The only survivor of the Kurdi family was Alan’s father, Abdullah. My heart wept for Abdullah – his loss was literally unimaginable. Writing songs has always been my way of dealing with strong feelings and this situation obviously stirred up a lot of emotions. So initially I started writing about it just to try and make some sense out of something so senseless.”

About the drawings

The music video incorporates drawings from children that are in the Caritas program in Syria’s capital city. It was created by Natasha Pincus an award winning director and Nicholas Kallincos an animation director. The Caritas program in Syria seeks to build a space where children are able to express their feelings and emotions so they have the tools to cope with their trauma. Caritas workers have been counselling students and providing trauma healing activities such as games, drawings and handicrafts.

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