Caritas Urges Australians To Donate To Help With Crisis In Myanmar

Caritas Australia is working with its sister agency in Myanmar to provide help to those people who have been worst affected by Cyclone Komen which wreaked havoc in the country by bringing heavy rains and causing some of the worst flooding in decades. According to the UN nearly 600,000 people have been impacted by the strong winds and massive floods. The flooding has inundated over 1 million acres of farmland.

Lots of people affected

Win Tun Kyi, director of Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (Caritas in Myanmar) says the typhoon at the start of the month has affected a large percentage of the population with four of fourteen states in the country declaring national emergency. Caritas has contributed towards the emergency relief efforts and is asking for people to provide additional contributions.

“For the country as a whole this is a very big disaster. But the needs are huge and we don’t know what will face us in the future. There may be more bad weather and food shortages to come,” Mr. Kyi said.

Access to those affected is limited

Mr. Kyi adds that communication, electricity and transportation have been disrupted across affected areas. A major challenge has been trying to gain access to those that have been impacted, with large amounts of debris in rivers. Roads and transportation routes have also been blocked. The agency has decided to respond to the four worst affected areas by providing food, water, shelter and sanitation. KMSS is also implementing longer terms plans to help people who have lost everything recover their livelihoods.

Country was already fragile

After many decades of fighting and turmoil, Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in South East Asia. Many people in the country have fled their homes in response to ethnic fighting and already live in refugee camps. The flooding has made what is already a fragile situation worse. Mr. Kyi goes on to say that in the central part of Myanmar, many rice paddies have been lost as well as livestock which means food sources have disappeared.

“In the next six months we will focus on some livelihood recovery activities, but for the immediate response we will work on supporting those affected so that they can survive during this first 4-6 month period.”

Make a small donation

A small donation to the Caritas Australia Emergency Response Fund will go a long way towards helping the agency deal with the disaster and provide assistance to the people of Myanmar and other countries that may also be affected by disaster in the future.

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