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Australian Charity To Start Selling Micro Homes To Raise Money

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Australian house prices have gotten out of control. Given the high price of owning your own home, would you consider buying a trendy micro-home that comes with a starting price of just $120,000? The tiny house movement has become a trend because of lifestyle tv shows and social media groups informing us of their benefits. So it comes as no surprise that an Australian charity has jumped on the bandwagon hoping to make a buck.

As Syrian Civil War Enters Eighth Year Caritas Australia Remains Committed

Rohingya Refugees

The crisis in Syria is now officially in its eighth year and throughout that time Caritas has maintained its support of the children who have been displaced by the civil war taking place in that country. The crisis is now so acute, it has become the largest displacement since the Second World War. Caritas Australia which is the international aid agency of the Catholic Church seeks to deliver some hope to children caught up in the conflict by providing education.

South Australia Pride of Australia Winners Announced

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A teacher, student, charity worker and consumer adviser at the Royal Adelaide Hospital have been named as this year’s South Australia’s Pride of Australia winners. These four community spirited individuals are truly inspiring and their contributions to society made them the stand out choices for the popular News Corp award from dozens of other well deserving nominees.

Charity Tin Thefts On The Rise In Perth

Juvenile Detention

Recently a thief was caught on closed circuit television entering a children’s play centre in Perth and stealing two charity tins. You have to ask yourself what kind of person steals money from people who desperately need it? but thieves obviously have no sense of morality to begin with which is why they steal in the first place. In this case the woman strolled into the children’s centre in Wanneroo Western Australia with a wig on her head. She then proceeded to swipe the two charity tins and hide them in her handbag.

Oxfam Australia Chief Says The World Needs To Recommit To Human Rights

Oxfam Australia Says The Country Needs To Do More To Fight Climate Change

Helen Szoke is the Chief Executive of Oxfam Australia and her rise to the position has been a long journey. She recalls that one of her first jobs was defending the rights of a community in Melbourne that had been all-but-forgotten. In a recent newspaper interview, Dr Szoke says she was working with poor families that had been that way for generations and were not able to achieve upward mobility. Despite that fact, she says these people taught her a lot about how resilient humans can be and the importance of community which is a lesson that has remained with her to this day.

Oxfam Says Income Inequality In Australia Is The Worst Its Ever Been

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Since the global financial crisis, the number of Australian billionaires has doubled, rising from 14 in 2008 to 33 in 2017. During the same period of time, the average Australian household’s wealth increased by just 12 per cent, with wage growth declining to its lowest level on record and failing to keep up with the rising cost of living. Despite efforts by the government to depict Australia as a country where income inequality is not a problem, Oxfam Australia recently released a report which found quite the opposite, that in fact, income inequality is on the rise.

This Year’s Australian Open Had A Charitable Element Thanks To ANZ

This Year’s Australian Open Had A Charitable Element Thanks To ANZ

Last month’s Australian Open was yet again another fantastic spectacle of tennis which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. It was fabulous to see the aging Roger Federer continue his renaissance by winning yet another Grand Slam and breaking more records in the process. Whilst most people were gripped by what was happening on the courts of Melbourne Park few people know that ANZ bank committed to donating $10 to charity for every ace that was hit over the course of the tournament.

Caritas Australia To Kick Off This Year’s Project Compassion On February 14th  

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Caritas Australia passionately believes that young people are an important part of the solution to the many problems of their communities. As a result, Caritas organises Project Compassion every year which seeks to mobilise hundreds of thousands of students as well as Australians spanning all generations to take action to help Australia’s neighbours. On Ash Wednesday which takes place on February 14th  2018 Caritas Australia will launch this year’s Project Compassion appeal which is one of the largest fundraising and awareness campaigns in Australia.

Australia Needs To Develop A Culture Of Giving

Australian Charities Would Befit Hugely If People Left Bequests

Australia likes to think of itself as a generous country, and in many measures for most ordinary Aussies, this is true. However, when the tax data of high net worth individuals was looked at, that is those people who have a taxable income exceeding $1 million, four in ten of those tax payers made zero tax deductions during the 2014-2015 financial year.

Australian Charities Appeal For Funds To Help Deal With Rohingya Crisis

Syrian Refugees

An international appeal to fund the Rohingya crisis has so far raised $278 million. Whilst that sounds a lot, the crisis is one of the world’s worst humanitarian emergencies and the amount raised is less than half of what is needed experts say. The United Nations and International aid agencies have requested $562 million in funding to deliver humanitarian aid to 1.2 million people living in Bangladeshi refugee camps.

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