Amnesty International

Amnesty International

Amnesty International

Amnesty International wants to see China’s broken promise to improve human rights become a reality for its people. By becoming a Human Rights Defender you can help. Use your freedom to stand up for those who have none and help to free people like Hu Jia and his family. Support Amnesty International today.


China’s broken promise to improve human rights

In their bid for the 2008 Olympics, China promised to improve its shocking human rights record. So far these promises have been empty. Many claim the situation has deteriorated in the lead-up to the games with Chinese citizens being routinely detained, beaten and tortured, simply for expressing their beliefs.

Chinese Family Abused and Imprisoned for Helping Others

Hu Jia is a peaceful activist. He campaigned for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and for people who have been forcefully evicted from their homes. He was beaten and jailed for three and a half years for “inciting subversion” and his wife, Zeng Jinyan, was put under house arrest with their young baby Qianci.

Journalist Imprisoned for Reporting Issues

Shi Tao is a Chinese journalist. Like all Chinese journalists, he is banned from reporting on the Tiananmen Square crackdown of 1989. After sending an email to America describing this ban, he was tracked down with the help of Yahoo! and sentenced to ten years in prison by the Chinese authorities.