Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Council NSW are a community focussed charity who have been supporting those in need for over 50 years. They rely on the support of donors to keep providing their life changing help and support to cancer patients.



You Can Help

  • By pledging to make a regular donation you can help Cancer Council NSW to provide support on a long-term basis.
  • An ongoing donation means that Cancer Council can continue to research ways to beat cancer.

About Cancer Council NSW

Making a one off donation can really help the Cancer Council for NSW to support those who are fighting this terrible disease. For an idea of where you money will be spent a donation of :

  • $20 will provide support packs for 4 new cancer patients from Cancer Council NSW. The invaluable information provided wilt help them to cope throughout their illness.
  • $50 will give 2 cancer patients, their friends or family support through a helpline.
  • $100 will contribute towards the training of a Cancer Connect volunteer. These incredible people provide help and support to patients whilst they battle cancer.

How the money is spent :

Cancer Council NSW relies on public support to carry on the tremendous work they do. They are 100% transparent so you know where your money is going :

  • 82% on mission delivery
  • 12% on infrastructure and investment
  • 6% on media, communications and marketing

What is included in mission delivery?

  • Research
  • Regional Program Delivery
  • Health Advocacy & Prevention
  • Cancer Information & Support Services