caregifts Australia

CAREgifts Australia

CAREgifts Australia

Choose from a wide range of charity gift ideas from CAREgifts Australia, an international aid organisation who are helping women and girls across the world fight global poverty. With prices starting at just $10, your gift will be offering the less fortunate a chance for a better life.

What you get

  • Choice of Gift card or e card.
  • Help a woman and her community to lift themselves out of poverty.
  • The knowledge that their gift is making a huge difference.

About CARE

The CARE charity was first founded in 1945 America after World War II, when food and supplies were sent to Europe. To this day, CARE now has 14 national member countries and provides emergency relief to up to 82 million people in 87 countries. CARE Australia joined in 1987, and now manage programs in over 22 countries.

CARE’s main ethos is to give women and girls living in poverty the chance to break free through education and motivation. This in turn will lead to less deaths during childbirth, and a better understanding of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Women and girls provide the single highest return on investment in the developing world. By investing in them, CARE are investing in the future.

Where Does the Money Go?

CARE Australia spend 89% of all incomings on overseas projects, with just 5% being used on administration. 92% of all staff are local citizens of the countries that CARE work in, empowering the local community and ensuring a lasting impact in developing countries.