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Pack Of 5 Cards

This charity gift is not currently available.

Pack Of 5 Cards

(From Caritas Australia)

You can share the spirit of Christmas with 5 of your closest friends or family members. Each card depicts four images representing peace, joy, love and hope that is essential for vulnerable communities to survive. For just $15 you can ensure a young Syrian refugee gets to eat and attend school for a week.



When you purchase this Global Gift, you will receive a pack of 5 paper cards in the post that you can personalise and give to a friend or family member.

What you get

  • You can choose to send them a Gift card or e-card.
  • The knowledge that their gift is making a huge difference to communities in need.
  • A loving gift from you, that lets them be a part of the fight against poverty.

About Caritas Australia

Caritas has been working towards the creation of just one world for over 110 years. They began in Australia in 1964 and their name is latin for “Love and Compassion”. Caritas is a Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development and there aim is to :

“help themselves — regardless of ethnicity, religion or political beliefs”.

The work carried out by Caritas Australia and their partners aims to support the development of long term programs in those impovershies communities that need it most. With their help they want people to take control over their lives, to overcome poverty, The gifts above will help them to do that.

Where do Caritas Work?

Caritas Australia is part of an international confederation of 165 organisations. They work in over 30 countries worldwide including :

  • DR Congo
  • Bangladesh
  • Bolivia
  • Australia
  • Samoa

Where Does the Money Go?

Caritas Australia spend around 90% of all incomings on projects. That leaves just 10% on administration fees and all important fundraising cots.