Greenpeace Giving

Greenpeace Giving

There is a huge selection ofcharity gifts available at the Greenpeace giftshop. All money raised goes towards funding the activities of the specific environmental campaign that your gift represents. Each present is a completely unique and interesting way to show someone not only that you care from them, but also the planet.

What You Get

  • An interactive e-card describing how your present is helping the planet which you can personalise with a message.
  • You can schedule the e-card delivery date so it is perfect for birthdays or Christmas.

About Greenpeace Australia

Greenpeace Australia is an independent organisation that exposes global environmental problems through direct actions to try and safeguard a green and peaceful planet. Greenpeace will not compromise it’s core values by accepting money from governments or political parties. Their main objective is to allow the earth to nurture life in all its diversity through non violent direct action.

About Greenpeace Giftshop

A virtual present from the Giftshop helps create funds to aid the work on Greenpeace campaigns across the globe. Each gift represents a different enviromental area that Greenpeace works in to help halt global warming and climate change. These include Save the Whale, stop GM crops and Protect a Rainforest, which in their own special way can help ease the excessive stress the human race is putting on the Earth.