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Oxfam Australia Tax Time Appeal

Oxfam Australia Tax Time Appeal

  • As an Australian tax payers you can reduce the amount of tax you owe by giving a gift of more than $2 to an approved charity (deductible gift recipient).
  • There is no upper limit on the amount of donations you can claim a tax deduction for – but you can’t use a large donation to create a tax loss.


A one off donation will help Oxfam to help those in need :

  • Just $10 you can provide clever and sustainable solutions such as drought-resistant pineapples. Your small donation will help families grow nutritious food, earn an income and beat poverty.
  • $52 provide food to two families in need with parcels containing essentials such as rice, beans, salt and oil.
  • $100 can provide two families with super seed packs containing fruit trees, pineapples and vegetable seedlings so they can stop hunger.
  • $182 can provide materials and training to eight orphans in Southern Africa so they can grow their own food gardens using organic composting techniques.

Why Help Oxfam?

Donate today and give mothers like Lorensa the right food and information to prevent childhood malnutrition. Help Oxfam Stop Hunger so that people have the strength to lift themselves out of poverty.