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Tim and Johnny Stone Bookends


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Tim and Johnny Stone Bookends

(From Oxfam Fair Trade Shop)

These beautifully sculpted bookends make a lovely gift idea for any time of year, especially at Christmas. They are hand carved palewa stone from India. This is a best seller for Oxfam Shop and it’s easy to see why.

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Available from Oxfam Fair Trade

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  • A wide range of books, cards and wrapping paper.
  • A great selection of children’s toys and games.
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About Oxfam Fair Trade Shop

Buying an Oxfam Fair Trade gift will help men and women in impoverished conditions develop their own business skills and practices. The Oxfam fair trade shop holds stock from more than 100,000 producer partners around the world, calling for an end to unfair trade on the global markets.

All the products sold are sourced from organisations in developing countries across the world, which are bought at a fair price and sold at a fair price to help workers become self reliant. Oxfam fair trade shop’s also help organisations to develop their products and bulk order to maximise capital, with up to 50% of funds available in advance on ordering.

Oxfam fair trade shop is a completely non profit organisation, with any surplus funds raised going towards further Oxfam development work to help communities living with poverty and injustice across the globe. This programme is in place to help people to really help themselves, not just in the short term, but also to create the building blocks to a lifetime of work and achievement.